About Dryer Balls

All natural, Canadian wool dryer balls work to reduce drying time, reduce static build up and soften clothes, completely replacing disposable dryer sheets.

How do they work?

  • Wool dryer balls roll around mechanically separating clothes, allowing warm air to circulate better
  • Wool absorbs moisture further reducing drying time
  • Mighty Wool dryer balls release moisture back into the drying air, killing static
  • You can add essential oils to scent laundry

How Long to they last?

Mighty Wool Dryer balls last for years. Over time they will felt into denser dryer balls and lose some of the absorptive function, however they will continue to work. After a few years you may wish to freshen the dryer balls and re-purpose your used set as fabulous toddler toys, cat toys or if you are well and done, drop them guilt-free into your composter.

Why Mighty Wool dryer balls?

Mighty Wool is proud that this product is:

  • 100% Canadian grown wool, sourced from a family owned, historic mill in Alberta
  • Completely undyed wool to guarantee no dye transfer and to reduce the heavy environmental impacts associated with wool dye
  • Handmade by me in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Part of the zero waste lifestyle, you can keep the benefits of dryer sheets but ditch the cost, the waste and the chemical impacts
  • These dryer balls are quiet! No banging and thumping, no plastics heating up over and over again.